Friday, 14 September 2012

My first lecture in 4th year

On Tuesday this week, we had a guest speaker called Zoltan. This is apperintly one of the best lectures we would get throughout fourth year as he is famous wordwide and known as one of the few holocaust survivors. In my opinion, i had an amazing time listening to his life story. It was one of the most interesting speaches i have ever heard and probably will ever hear. He explained his story in detail to our whole year, and showed us a horrific video of  back in the 1940s, Germany. The unfortunate story was that his father was the only Jew in the house, and his mother refused to sign the form agreeing to his religion, therefore he took all 6 of them. His sisters brothers and parents all went on a 12 hour journey to the campsite called Bergin belson. He explained how he visited this camp after the war, and said that he was never going to go back as it was one of the worst experiences of his life. In the video, He showed how So many people had died of starvation in World War II and after the video, he told us that he doesnt watch that movie alot as one of those women being thrown in the pit may have been his mother. The only 2 people in the family of 6 that survived was him and his sister. He said how his sister survived physically but not mentally, as she had brain damage in later life. At the age of five he was in the camp Bergin Belson, and for two months he had to live around dying and starving people of all ages. After these two months had passed, the camp was liberated. During the same day his mother had passed away. Out of the whole story I found that part the most horrible as he had to watch his own mother die

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